Earnest working  and inherit with heart
Fieldbus modules
Support for PROFINET,Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT network modules
Pneumatic switches
Digital display pressure switch, three color digital LCD display, positive pressure negative pressure into pressure
Rectangular connectors
Screw terminal, quick lock terminal, Crimp terminal and air-electric integrated aerial insertion can meet the needs of different industries
Communication panel socket, combined socket, can combine power, USB, RJ45, d-sub integrated panel socket
Front panel interface
IO sensor line and multi-protocol Ethernet line respectively: M5/M8/M12/M16/M23, RJ45 and other products
IO & Field bus
M8/M12 distributor: 4 6 8 10 port single signal and double signal PNP and PNP products are available
Distribution systems
Advantage Products
Connector Solution Provider

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