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sales manager
Foreign business manager
Hardware engineer
Software engineer
Structural engineer


1. College degree or above, major in automation related.

2. Experience: extensive (direct) sales and sales management experience,

    especially in the automation industry and automation products.

3. Have rich experience in leading sales teams, and have rich ability in

    managing cross-provincial and regional business.

4. Strong market analysis and negotiation skills, strong language skills

5. Strong communication and teamwork skills

6. Proficient in office automation software (fresh graduates are acceptable)

(note: long-term recruitment: sales engineer in Shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou, Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, zhuhai, etc.)


1. College degree or above in international trade or business English, cet 6 2. Have working experience in foreign trade business, and can directly contact

   with foreign customers 3. Familiar with foreign trade workflow and relevant industrial wiring harness

   industry experience 4. Able to develop and maintain customers independently, with certain

   business spirit and dare to challenge 5. More than one year working experience in e-commerce platform and

   website background management; 6. Relevant foreign life or exhibition experience. Can block one more side 7. The working hours are five days and eight hours from 8:30 to 17:00

Qualifications: 1: at least 2 years of independent hardware development experience or 1 year of industrial

   control equipment development experience, proficient in digital analog circuit 2. Proficient in using at least one EDA design software of AD, Cadence and PADS (Cadence

   proficiency is preferred) 3: familiar with C language, 51,AVR,PIC,MSP430 microcontroller practical development

   experience 3. Familiar with oscilloscope and other common test instruments 4. Proficient in component welding, with experience in prototype production, product

   testing, BOM preparation, etc 5. College degree or above, major in electronics, automation, computer science and

   technology 6. Field bus and industrial sensor development experience is preferred

Job requirements:

1. 2 years embedded software development experience, good coding style

2. Familiar with Linux system and have developed Linux system drivers or applications

3. Proficient in using C language to develop common MCU software such as 51, ARM

  and DSP

4. Candidates who are familiar with profinetProfibus Ethernet/IP EtherCAT and other

   common field bus communication protocols are preferred

5: basic hardware circuit knowledge, can understand circuit diagram

6. College degree or above, major in electronics, automation, computer science and


Qualifications: 1. More than 3 years' experience in industrial connector product structure design 2. Familiar with 3D\2D drawing software; 3. Have a certain understanding of engineering plastic PA/PC 4. Able to develop products independently and design a complete set of procedures for

   product structure; 5. Responsible for the compilation and output of technical documents related to the

   product of the r&d project 6. Responsible for product test fixture design, production transition and production

   operation guide preparation 7. Participate in product ID and CMF evaluation, provide professional advice, and ensure

    the manufacturability of products 8. Responsible for product ID and structural handplate proofing and improvement,

   followed up the testing and verification of structure-related problems of new products; 9. Strong pressure resistance, team spirit, relevant wiring harness connector industry is


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