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      The factories of the future will face a variety of different challenges. Discreteness and device modularity, real-time error prediction based on digital modeling processes, transparency and data consistency in product innovation, and even diagnostic optimization using remote access systems are just some of the topics driving production automation in the future.
    SVLEC can even provide specific solutions for existing machines of production enterprises, including innovative analysis technology and web-based services.
      Provide innovative technology and high quality products to the automotive industry. The automotive industry always needs the most advanced technology. Coordination of machining center systems, transportation systems, and industrial robots can help automakers achieve mass production at optimal cost, while meeting personalized equipment requirements. In complex automotive manufacturing processes, every step from the stamping shop, body in white, painting shop, powertrain to final assembly must ensure functional reliability and high availability of all equipment and facilities.
Increasingly shorten the life cycle, improve the speed of system personalized requirements and delivery technology and logistics system planning and implementation flexibility. Whether it is the transportation of materials and goods within the company, efficient packaging and distribution within the airport or accurate transportation of luggage - excellent performance and flexibility always play a decisive role in international competition.
Together with SVLEC, you can get integrated, well-planned automation solutions in one stop.
      Efficient machine tools help to improve production efficiency. In modern manufacturing, machine tools are indispensable equipment. They are mainly used in automobile industry, mechanical engineering and drive technology. In practice, the machine tool industry is often divided into two main areas: metal forming and metal processing.
      Our product line includes heavy-duty connectors, hubs, switching power supplies, signal sensors, industrial Ethernet switches and shielded wire clip accessories. We are also continuously developing and expanding more products that can be widely and reliably used in the wind power industry to ensure and meet the requirements of customers in the wind power industry for electrical control components. SVLEC products in the power industry, including the new energy industry has accumulated rich practical experience, and constantly create more and more achievements. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the normal operation of power equipment, safe and reliable work, and generate more value through SVLEC products.
     SVLEC since its inception, has been committed to provide a reliable and safe for the elevator and escalator industry products and solutions, we provide the overloading of connectors - sensors and actuators socket has been in almost every subsystem of the elevator and escalator, such as the inverter control system, maintenance of elevator control panel, system control cabinet and escalator sensor test system, the control station, the scene debugging maintenance control interface, control cabinet. SVLEC products can effectively save your installation space.
      The mechanical manufacturing industry is a growing global market. Suppliers often face fierce competition. Only by continuously meeting customer needs and providing quality products and services can we remain competitive. To this end, emphasis should be placed on the costeffectiveness, flexibility, quality and performance of the equipment. SVLEC provides process solutions based on lean management, process automation and integration of IT technology.
In the food and beverage manufacturing and packaging industry, there are strict requirements on hygiene standards, protection levels and corrosion resistance. Modern factory design stands out for its high modularity and flexibility. Partnering with SVLEC allows you to stand out with impressive innovative automation systems, demand-based system performance, and fast project uptime.
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