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2017 connector market development four points to watch

Issuing time:2019-07-09 16:31

When it comes to 2017, "connected" will be an important word. Whether it is "made in China 2025", "industry 4.0", or the "Internet plus" and "Internet of things" we often talk about, what we hope to achieve is the connection between devices and devices, between devices and people, and between people and data. All these need connectors to play a huge role.

Connector, as the key component of current or signal connection, is also an important part of industrial system. From airplanes and rockets to cell phones and televisions, connectors come in a variety of forms, bridging electrical circuits and other components and acting as electrical or signal connections. The connector industry grew to $82.9 billion in sales in 2016, and forecasts for 2017 by industry groups are still optimistic. What are some interesting and interesting aspects of 2017 connector trends?

Connector market development in 2016 four points of interest

Automobile new energy and electronization drive the demand growth of automobile connector

Electric cars such as tesla continued popular, collective into Internet enterprises, the impact of the new technology for the traditional automotive industry are accelerating the change of the auto industry, car now is not just a transport, when the environmental protection, energy conservation and recreational intelligent these fresh words combined with a car, also indirectly help connector has brought new opportunities for development.

A decade ago, the average cost of automotive electronics accounted for about a fifth of total manufacturing costs. Today, that number has jumped to 30 to 35 percent or more. Carmakers are aware of the value of using electronics to differentiate their models: car buyers expect highend incar infotainment, safety features and other features to become increasingly standard on new models.

From 2009 to 2016, the car connector market grew at a compound annual growth rate of 11% and reached a market value of nearly $15 billion. It is expected that the value of car connector will exceed $18 billion in 2019 and maintain a compound annual growth rate of 7%. Editor in charge: yu ruixue

New energy automobile industry is still the trend despite twists and turns! , however, the traditional connector device is difficult to meet the requirements of its large current, high voltage, so the connector manufacturer also is in the layout for the highpowered connectivity products, new energy vehicles in global ranking first TEConnectivity company, for example: it has introduced a series of innovative products MSD switch in high voltage maintenance, HVP800 high voltage large current connector scheme (250 a) and EVCContactors high voltage contactor, etc. The new demand of the automobile industry is bringing more stringent requirements to the traditional connector manufacturers, but it is these new forces that will stimulate the automobile connector market to continue to rise in the future.

Don't forget that driverless or autonomous driving is another hot technology in the automotive market. RobShaddock, executive vice President and cto of TEConnectivity, told the media that driverless driving will take at least five years to implement. However, TE and more connector manufacturers are already cooperating with many smart car manufacturers. After all, nobody wants to miss the opportunity when a brand new industry hot spot really enters people's life. Let's wait and see the future of the car connector market.

USB typec becomes a new driving force for connectors in the field of consumer electronics

If you look closely at the new products of the major consumer electronics manufacturers in 2015, you will find that a brand new selling point will almost be used repeatedly: usbtypec interface. In order to let users better convenience, USBType - C is for mobile equipment connector shape the new appearance of the design specifications, design mainly in order to realize the function of the positive and negative let users can connect to give priority to, the volume is smaller than the current MicroB, different functional requirements and can be in accordance with the manufacturers, tiein USB3.1 or USB - PD2.0 etc. Function.

Compared with the rise of USB typec this year, the layout of connector manufacturers has been completed long ago in terms of research and development. For example, as early as June this year, JAE, a leading connector manufacturer, quickly followed up and launched connector plugs and sockets based on the next generation USB typec standard, and began to sell them to the market. More importantly, JAE personally participated in the standardized design of USB typec connector, and developed usbtypec connector with excellent EMI/EMC characteristics, sufficient mechanical strength and excellent life resistance by virtue of years of small connector highprecision design technology and highspeed transmission design technology. With the adoption of USB typec technology in several popular mobile devices this year, this specification will gradually become the mainstream of the industry in 2017, and will also bring a big new growth point for the connector market.

What is driving the rise of usbtypec is the trend of "thinness" in consumer electronics. As they get smaller, these devices are consuming more power and processing a growing amount of information and data. There is no doubt that manufacturers are facing serious challenges in how to better realize wireless charging and data transmission of devices. Small size and high performance mobile devices also put forward corresponding requirements for connector suppliers, connector products must play in a limited space to make more refined products with various functions, saving space for equipment manufacturers to add more new functional devices. In addition to the extremely fine connectors, there are two other challenges to achieving small dimensions: heat dissipation and mechanical stability. No one wants to see other electronic components damaged by overheating connectors. And these will also become 2017 connector manufacturers urgently need to solve the problem.

Wearable Internet of things will be the next growth area for connectors

According to Gartner, there will be 4.9 billion connected devices worldwide in 2017, a 30 percent increase from 2016, and a fivefold increase to 25 billion devices by 2020. Internet of things devices have become a major driver of business development, which will affect various industries in social life. If the speed at which the Internet of things is emerging can be demonstrated by independent market research, the trend will be given a whole new boost and will receive further attention. The Internet of things is also known as the Internet of everything, and its counterpart, the connector, will undoubtedly play an important role. Editor in charge: yu ruixue

Of course, for now, the Internet of things is still a relatively macro concept, and when it comes to the connector market, we will find that this innovation will continue to be driven by miniaturization, high on-chip functional integration, and systems designed for ultra-low power (ULP) operations. The trend is particularly pronounced in wearables. Today, electronics manufacturers around the world are trying to compete in "wearable" devices, where miniaturization is an absolute priority. The demand for compact low-power devices has been extended to all aspects of the electronics industry. Let's take the earliest and most cutting-edge medical field in the wearable field as an example. It has been extended to the new generation of portable medical devices.

Molex offers a range of highly innovative solutions for the medical electronics industry through its MediSpec product line. For example, Polymicro Technologies' MediSpec hollow silica waveguide, designed for medical laser applications, is a stateoftheart medical technology. Another innovation is the MediSpec medical plastic circular (MPC) interconnect system, an economical interconnect product with a high durability rating of 10,000 times. The MPC interconnect system has a very high number of plug and pull, but the insertion force is low, the cost is only a fraction of the machine processing contact competitive products system. With the application of Internet of things technology in all walks of life is becoming more and more diverse, it will pose more severe challenges to the innovation ability of connector enterprises.

It is expected that in 2017, new application requirements will be developed in more unknown fields due to the Internet of things. Future iot platforms will surely witness the development of hyperconnected environment, in which a variety of new ultralow power and sensor technologies will be applied to bring changes and added value to many fields, including not only medical care and industry.

Smart factories, robots will explode industrial connectors in 2017?

Although connector compact, but connector industry development level, often closely related to the country's overall industrial level. "Made in Germany", a symbol of quality, efficiency and innovation, has been recognized and praised all over the world. As with the overall industrial level, the connector industry in Germany has a very high level of development, playing an important role in the German electrical and electronic industry system. At the same time, "made in China 2025", which is regarded as China's version of "industry 4.0", has attracted much attention since it was proposed. The concept of "made in China" continues to grow, as does the ambition of becoming a manufacturing power.

With the development of industrial manufacturing towards automation and intellectualization, the connector, which is widely used in mechanical equipment, factory automation, electric power distribution and railway, is also the focus of development. For "industry 4.0" and "intelligent production" solutions and technologies, in stamping, injection molding, assembly, pressing and other modules can affect the efficiency of the connector naturally need a new upgrade. Modules interconnection between regional cooperation is also put forward the new requirements, the connector components is overloaded connector, for example, the application of increasingly demanding environment, traditional need to reload the connector of outstanding performance, at the same time can have both a wider range of application and fast comprehensive service ability, can be widely used in industrial production, especially harsh and connection in a complicated environment, satisfy customers to China and global market intelligent control device for the diverse demand.

At the same time, the demand of intelligent factory for automation will certainly make industrial robots play more USES in the future. As a supplier of interconnecting robots with sensing solutions, it is impossible to miss this promising field. The robotics industry is booming in China, and connector solutions for partial linkage of robotic arms and complete robot control systems are attracting increasing interest. Although the connector is only a small part of the intelligent control process, it is the fundamental part to guarantee the overall quality and realize the intelligence.

As many industrial robots work in highrisk environments, arm joints must adapt to the increasing complexity and precision of production. Traditional cable connections can no longer meet this requirement, which puts forward more requirements for connecting parts. For example, in many operating environments, we can't connect the robot, so we can only send signals to the robot through a wireless connection. Is a noncontact connectivity products that must be integrated contactless power supplies and high frequency technology, in almost any environment without actual contact can reliable power supply, signal transfer and data, obviously compared with the traditional connection mode, the development of industrial robots will make a big difference for the connector area, and other fields of the new development will also reward connector, will bring revolutionary progress prospect the connecting device.

Postscript: to make "connections" to see trends presented roughly 2017 above connector market some of the new look, new challenges, in the industrial 4.0 and made in China under the background of 2025, we have reason to believe that the 2017 connector market will be full of limitless possibilities, maybe there will be a change of market pattern product to overturn our traditional thinking of the connector.

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