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Industry 4.0 approaching connector how to break through the harsh environment test?

Issuing time:2019-07-09 16:31

Connector has been developing like a mouse in the field of consumer electronics. However, with the increasing number of connector companies entering the consumer electronics industry, there are not enough jobs to satisfy the demand. Therefore, connector manufacturers have been increasing their business share in emerging fields such as industry, automobile and medical treatment to ensure higher profitability.

工业4.0来临 连接器如何突破苛刻环境考验?

According to cao peihao, HRS China marketing director, the arrival of industry 4.0 and industrial automation means that more intelligent equipment and robots will be widely used in various production fields, and the demand shows a stable and rapid growth trend. Among them, core intelligent equipment and robots have high requirements on the application of connectors. More "high precision and high performance" connectors will be increasingly applied to these intelligent equipment and robots.

From the current sales performance of connector manufacturers and distributors, industry 4.0 plays a great role in driving the demand for connectors. Yang siyuan, regional manager of helian trade (Shanghai) co., LTD., said that industry 4.0 has a significant pull on the connector. Compared with 2015, herlian's overall sales in 2016 and 2017 both saw near doubledigit growth, with industrial connectors accounting for 10%-15% of the company's total connector revenue.

Compared with consumer, military, automotive and medical connectors, industrial connectors have many different characteristics, such as dust, water, shock, high and low temperature, etc. These characteristics bring great challenges to the design and production of connectors. Yang siyuan also told reporters that industrial connectors have strict requirements on "reliability, IP level, working temperature and earthquake protection", and even many indicators to meet automotive and even military standards. As a result, the original factory needs a longer cycle of new product development, more consideration and more rigorous testing, and the research and development cost will be high, which tests the comprehensive strength of manufacturers.

Molex industrial solutions business development manager Linda Shan stressed that the design of industrial interconnection system must be able to tolerate all kinds of harsh environment, including the extreme temperature, pressure, vibration, dust and corrosive corrosive chemicals, such as the related rating as IP67 NEMA, may dictate the connector can run under what conditions the standard.

"In the era of industry 4.0, datacentric electronics do require interconnected systems that are flexible enough to work in a spatially constrained environment, but also able to withstand harsh industrial conditions." Linda Shan, for example, said Molex's new Squba 1.80mm screwseal linetowire connector system is designed not only to be used in small Spaces, but also to provide protection against liquids, dust and dirt. The connector can carry current up to 6.0 amps, and the seal meets the IP67 NEMA grade requirements. Seals are held in place by end caps, providing manufacturers of sensors, lighting and vending machines with a highly durable barrier to moisture and dust, operating temperature limits ranging from -40 to +105? C.

"Should the customer continuously put forward higher requirements, manufacturers need to be super bad and harsh environment to meet customer requirements, such as electric cases hotplug, aerospace test the limits of temperature, the height of the rail transit brings vibration, oil and gas environment possible explosion accidents and crush the high requirements, etc. Some industrial connectors also require high industry standards for water resistance (IP67 or higher)." Times express connector (PEI - Genesis), general manager of Asia Xu Menglan said that if the level to differentiate from the application of the environment, the general consumer electronics circuit connector minimum to the environment, the second is the industrial and health care, and at last the highend industrial applications such as bulldozers, and electric cars, which requires companies with strong technology research and development team.

工业4.0来临 连接器如何突破苛刻环境考验?

According to reporter understanding, "4.0" and "smart" production solutions and technology, the products related to "stamping, injection molding, assembly, press" interconnection between modules, such as regional cooperation is also put forward the new requirements, the connector components is overloaded connector, for example, the application of increasingly demanding environment, needs both traditional overloading connector performance excellence, at the same time can have both a wider range of application and fast comprehensive service ability, can be widely used in industrial production, especially harsh and connection in a complicated environment, satisfy customers to China and global market intelligent control device for the diverse demand.

It can be seen that the special application environment of industrial connectors brings challenges to enterprises in technology research and development, and the high threshold is bound to hold most of the market share in the hands of a few large enterprises. In addition to the harsh requirements of the environment, the move toward "wireless" technology and "highly customized" industrial links are also a feature that distinguishes them from other types of connectors.

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