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PN modules
Product details

● Profinet   I/O m‍odules Electronicmanual

●   Compact   I/O module electronicmanual

●   IO-Link module   Electronic manual

●   Accessories   Electronic manual

Technical parameters

Technical parametersProfinet I/O moduleCompact I/O moduleIO-Link module
Port status indicator light (signal status)Green LED lightGreen LED lightGreen LED light
Port diagnosis indicator light (overload)Red LED lightRed LED lightRed LED light
Current consumption UA(max. )≤ 12A≤ 4A≤ 12A
Current consumption US(max. )≤ 12A≤ 4A≤ 12A
Degree of protection IEC 60529IP67IP67IP67
Ambient temperature (operation) Ta-25...+60 °C-25...+60 °C-25...+60 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport)-40...+85 °C-40...+85 °C-40...+85 °C

The field bus module provided by SVLEC can meet the requirements of different bus protocols, such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, plug and plug connection, diagnostic options and IP67 protection level, which can minimize the cost and maintain the digital input and output at the same time.

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